Jerry Garcés & Omar Diadji (Live)


Jerry Garcés & Omar Diadji (Live)


Mexikanische Gitarre & Afrikanische Rhythmen


Jerry Garcés

Ausbildung in klassischer Gitarre ab 11 Jahren in Saltillo, über Gitarrenmeister in Cuba, Frankreich und Griechenland begann er in Malaga das Studium der Flamencotechnik. Lassen Sie sich entführen in virtuosen Kompositionen mit Einflüssen von Folklore über Klassik bis Jazz, mit schwungvollen Flamenco-Rhytmen.

Omar Diadji 2

Omar Diadji Seidi

Drummer and percussionist. He was born in Dakar, Senegal, where he began to play drums with the influence of his great friend named Dacko Fallo. He was the person who initiated him, and since then Omar Diadji cultivates his passion for music, learning in a self-taught way. Then he has had the good fortune to meet and live with great musicians of the band Xalat (from Saly Mbour) who were the ones who gave him the opportunity to practice at his place, using his drums and show him the way. In 2004 he had his first band, called Kanes Groupe, playing mainly in hotels, “” Cook musicians “” since then he has played with many other bands in Senegal.

In 2006 he traveled to Barcelona for the first time, that was where he really developed his knowledge, his experience and his technique in music. He played and recorded with many bands of different styles. His first band was with the great teacher Kwame Adzraku John; singer, songwriter and drummer of the Fela Kutti generation! He taught her many secrets on the drums. Omar is made of rhythm, it is the embodiment of the beat and the groove … .. It is versatile, has an impressive learning speed and ease, and plays from African music to Latin music, rock, reggae, pop, funk, ska, etc … .
He has played with, Kwame Afro Vives, Gnawa Fusion, Calle Sol, One Word, Ngomez Nokass, Nakany Kanté, Massara Traoré, Nino Galissa, Chamito, La Fama Street, Papa Scandy, etc …
He has recorded with Nakany Kanté, Massara Traoré, Calle Sol and One Word. In 2010 he made his first international tour with Chamito Sound. They traveled a lot in Europe, playing in big festivals and since then they have made many tours with different bands.

In 2013 he settled in Switzerland where he also had the opportunity to play with great musicians, playing on large stages. He played with Elijah Solomon, Andra Borlo, Alina Amuri, Soul Maniacs, Carmatango, René Simón Pietri, Madina das Spielweyd, Claudia Masika, Juan & Juan Project, Tribu Project, Yatachi, Pablo Allende, SR Reyes, Ishantu, etc …He has recorded with Madina das Spielweyd, René Simón Pietri, Elijah Solomon, Carmatango. His influences and idols are: Kwame Adzraku John, Pape Mbodji, Dako Fall, Mokhtar Samba, Hernesto Simpson, Paco Sery.