everything starts and ends with a dot.

zoom in - zoom out 
you will always end up with a dot. everything is connected to everything, everyone is connected to everyone.

I focuss on the dot that wants to be painted. there is no past, there is no future but the present moment and it's divinity. 
all of these dots united into one painting will be carried out into the world for a higher reason.

to touch you: with love.

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I was born 1971 in Canada, grew up in Switzerland and fell in love with the world. As an international artist, being a painter, performing artist and music producer, I was blessed to live in many different places and and many different ways. Later on in my life, I discovered my love for the beautiful Bahia in Brazil, where today most of my work is been created. My work is always connected to the deep need for personal, spiritual and artistic growth.

Painting is a very important tool on my journey as an artist. With exhibitions in Zurich, Basel and Lucerne (Switzerland), Belo Horizonte, Búzios and Itacaré (Brazil).

During the past 15 years my focus has been on the work with dots, acrylic paint on wood. Now I am in the realisation of other artistic projects such as ‘whendotsbecomelines’, ‘angelwings’ and many more.

The recent work ‘Nirvana 2020 collection’ was created during the pandemic isolation on the península of Marau, Bahia, Brazil. I used only wood pieces found on the beaches between Barra Grande and Algodões. During this intense period I was fully dedicated to the creation of art and the art of holistic healing.

The sales of the ‘Nirvana 2020 collection’ will be donated to build up the ‘casa do leme’, a sacred space for art and holistic healing.

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